More Opportunities for Philippine Cacao


The Department of Science and Technology-Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) improved production processing by creating set of cacao processing equipment to generate more opportunities for Philippine cacao.

Moreover, the report stated that “new cacao processing equipment consists of a roaster, a de-sheller and winnower,  grinder and  melanguer which were among the 27 technologies showcased by the DOST during the launch of the 2017 Compendere of ITDI Technologies”. According to Ma. Dolor Villasenor, supervising science research specialist at the DOST-ITDI food processing division, the said features would allow the roasting and fermentation of locally grown cacao beans, and produce best quality chocolate food-based products.

Significantly, the said equipment can boost production of value-added cacao products.

Apart from increasing production of value-added cacao products, Philippine cacao would also be competitive globally which will inherit more opportunities for Philippine cacao.

During the 2017 Compendere of ITDI Technologies, locally developed technologies were exhibited. The new processing Cacao equipment is cost-saving in increasing high-quality processed Cacao products.

Briones also said that “the DOST-ITDI had also developed technologies for the value-added processing of calamansi, Philippine mangoes, and other local crops”.


DOST improves cacao, Philippine tablea processing

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