Starbucks Philippines Soon To Launch Reusable Cups

(Photo credit from Manila Bulletin)



Starbucks Philippines is already set to launch their reusable cups on Earth Day, April 22, 2019, Monday.

With the advocacy of Earth Day to uphold greener environment, Starbucks will also be launching their reusable straws.

Studies show that plastics straws are one of the trashes that sit on landfill for over the years. In worst cases, these straws also slip away on drainage that leads to our ocean.

A report from National Geographic that in year 2020, Starbucks will banned the single-use of plastics straws (Read full story here A brief history of how plastic straws took over the world   ).

“From April 22 to 26, customers who will bring in their reusable cups, personal tumblers or mugs of at least 16oz. in size or higher will be given the option to donate their Php5 cup discount to their choice of an environmental organization from the given NGO partners. Upon choosing an organization to donate to, customers will receive a complimentary upsize,” Starbucks Philippines stated on its press release.

World Wildlife Fund Philippines and the Haribon Foundation , are the environmental organizations that are in partnership with Starbucks

Moreover, reusable cups will be sold at Php100 and Php 30 for reusable straws. This reusable items will be available in all Starbucks stores nationwide.

Report also stated that “these reusable cups are made from polypropylene, a plastic widely accepted into global recycling infrastructure, the new cups were designed to make it sturdier and more sustainable to single-use packaging”.

Source: Starbucks PH to launch reusable cups, straws starting April 22



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