Bimby: ‘I am as straight as an arrow’


The Queen of Media, Kris Aquino, whose life was under the limelight for many years, is often the talk of the town. It could be because she does not shy away from any rumors or straightforwardly reveals her thoughts.

She made big headlines recently when she uploaded a tell-all video via her Facebook account that’s connected to politics, plans, love life, and most importantly, to defend her sons as a mother should.

Now, Kris Aquino shares a video through her FB account where she and her youngest son with basketball superstar James Yap, Bimby Aquino, asks each other questions.

Born James Carlos Aquino Yap Jr., he was born on April 19, 2007, is already towering at 6 ft. tall.

The conversation between the mother and son was interestingly candid, showing their closeness to one another.

Until such time, Kris Aquino asked her son a sensitive question as many people doubt her son’s sexuality.

“How do you feel, honestly? When you read those comments, and they say you’re gay?”

Bimby Aquino simply replied:

“It did not go through my mind cause I know what I am.”
“I’m straight. I’m straight as an arrow.”

Kris Aquino gave assurance to her son that whether Bimby is straight or not, she does not care at all.

“Whatever you choose to be will be fine with me for as long as you excel.”

Kris added that she is anti-homophobia, to which Bimby agreed and said:

“I love gays. I love LGBTQ++.”

Kris Aquino asked her son further topics, if he ever questioned himself and if he likes girls. Bimby immediately responded:

“I love girls!”

But, as a mom, Kris suddenly couldn’t help herself and retort:

“Don’t, don’t love them too much yet.”

Her statement made her son laugh.

They ended the video with Kris greeting and hugging Bimby, a happy birthday.

Here’s the full video of the honest exchange of thoughts between Kris and Bimby!

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Lois I.