Jio Jalalon’s wife seeks Tulfo’s help #RaffyTulfoInAction


Whether the problem circulates on business, jobs, or personal experiences, Raffy Tulfo is possibly the most reliable personality to help people in need of legal assistance.

Thus, it is no surprise that Kristina Jalalon, PBA Magnolia guard’s wife, Jio Jalalon, was interviewed and revealed more shocking details about her husband.

It appears the marital matters between the couple are much worst than anyone presumed for Kristina Jalalon to resort to acquiring support from Raffy Tulfo’s program.

A few days ago, Kristina shared screenshots and statements on her husband’s possible affair and abuse.

She even warned those other women who could be having entanglement with her husband to watch out.

A woman suddenly contacted her and gave her a recorded video of her husband sticking his tongue out sexually and suggestively.

Tulfo asked:

“Ano po’ng sinabi ng girl at nagpadala ng video ni sir?”

(What did the girl say and even sent you a video (of your husband)?)

Kristina replied:

“Last year pa daw po sila. Natutulog daw po si Jio sa kanila.”

(“They have been together since last year. Jio was, in fact sleeping over her house.”)

She then added:

“Natulog lang daw po ng isang beses, sabi niya.

(The woman said he (Jio) only slept once in her house.)

Tulfo followed up with another question asking:

“Inamin daw po na may nanyari na sa kanila ni sir Jio?”

(Did the woman admit that something happened between her and sir Jio?)

Kristina replied:

“Nag-kiss lang daw po.”

(They just kissed.)

The interview with Raffy Tulfo lasted for more than 6 minutes.

Kristina Jalalon further unveiled shocking details of her husband’s actions with the woman, as the woman willingly gave it out.

As a result, Tulfo then asked his legal counsel on the possible lawful grounds against Jio Jalalon based on Kristina’s evidence exposed.

A meme circulating in social media on Jio Jalalon allegedly thanking his “wives” for the support.

Watch the full interview here:

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