Meryll Soriano shares her bouts with postpartum depression


Meryll Soriano is among the mothers who had bouts with postpartum depression, and she bares her truth via an episode through her “Dear MamaMeme” vlog.

Soriano started with the basics by explaining what postpartum means, how long it usually takes, and the different phases a mother would experience throughout her postpartum journey.

Meryll touches on the mental health status after giving birth, like baby blues and postpartum depression (PPD). Not only that, but also the time frame for milestones and the effects on psychological, physical health.

She then divulges about her postpartum journey. She admits to the hardships of being a mother and working at the same time. Her mental and physical health was often on a roller coaster due to hormones and the demands of motherhood while working.

However, she could differentiate that although she’s struggling now, she has Joem Bascon to help her with her needs.

“I have Joem.”

“Laking tulong niya sa aking personal needs as a person, as his partner, and then also, yung needs ng baby. So, talagang natutulungan niya ako.”

Soriano confessed that this time around, she was ready to become a mother. In her previous pregnancy, it wasn’t.

“Noon with Eli, it wasn’t planned. And I was going through so much at that time kaya na-experience ko yung postpartum depression,” she explains in her vlog.

Meryll Soriano had her son Eli with her then-partner, Bernard Palanca. She had bipolar disorder and went for rehabilitation from drug use.

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